App launched – download it now

Our app – In Our Footsteps – is now available to download. > Download it for iPhone here > Download it for Android here The app takes you on a tour of 150 years of women-led activism, featuring photos and personal testimonies from those who were there. And those of you who don’t live near […]

Our exhibition is back

After the success at Walthamstow Garden Party, we’re delighted to announce that our women activists of East London exhibition is back for a second run, this time at Gnome House¬†in Walthamstow. The exhibition celebrates 150 years of women-led activism, and features photography from award winning photographer, Elizabeth Dalziel. Featuring 16 individual stories, it portrays women […]

Exhibition opens this weekend

Our exhibition celebrating 150 years of women-led activism in East London, opens this weekend at the Walthamstow Garden Party, a free festival run by the Barbican. It features 16 inspiring stories, and portraits from award winning photographer, Elizabeth Dalziel. The exhibition shows women in a way rarely seen in traditional media – powerful, determined and […]

Women activists: thanks for sharing

One of the biggest problems with gaining recognition for the incredible work of women activists, is getting their stories heard and shared. Over spring/summer 2016, we held three community events to share the heritage and gather more stories. Thanks to everyone who turned up and got involved – the enthusiasm and passion from you all […]

Women and wikipedia-athon

The gender bias on Wikipedia is well documented. The fact there are so many more entries about men may be to do with only around 10% of Wikipedia editors being women. In addition, when women are written about the content can be reductive and patronising, as this Buzzfeed article illustrates beautifully. To address this imbalance […]

Help us design our app

We’re looking for up to 15 girls to help us design a brand new walking tour app, due for release in the Apple and Android stores this summer. This May (14th and 15th) we’re running a two day workshop for girls aged 10 + years around app design. We want them to come up with […]

Cross cultural picnic at St Hilda’s

On 11th April we’re running a cross cultural picnic at St Hilda’s East Community Centre. We’d like you to join us. During our research into women-led activism, one of the things that stood out most is the incredible impact migrant groups have made to East London. The different communities have often fought against the same […]

Craftivism: come make a mini protest banner

Craft and protest have been long linked. From the beautifully embroidered suffragette and trade union banners, to the provocative¬†Craftivist Collective. And it’s something that women have always been at the centre of. On Saturday 2nd April we’ll be at The Mill in Walthamstow getting people to make a mini protest banner, inspired by the stories […]

Heathrow 13 march in noble footsteps

There were jubilant scenes outside Willesden Court yesterday as the Heathrow 13 received suspended sentences for their part in last year’s environmental protest, rather than the jail time they’d been told to expect. The 13 included two women from East London – Sheila Menon and Melanie Strickland – who by putting their liberty on the […]